Newtown Yoga Room


We are situated in South Newtown, within a few hundred metres of the boundaries of St Peters and Erskineville and an easy 10 minute walk from Marrickville Metro. The yoga taught at The Newtown Yoga Room follows the method of B.K.S. Iyengar. Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar is the world's foremost exponent of Hatha Yoga and has spent a lifetime in the study, practice and teaching of this traditional science and art.

His method places emphasis upon precise alignment in postures and the development of a deepening internal focus and steady power of reflection so that the mind and each individual part of the body may function to their potential and in harmony with each other.

Mr Iyengar has created a system of props and ways of working enabling yoga to be easily adapted to the needs of every individual. Consequently people with disabilities or disease, those stiff or weak of body, and those of advanced age may all practise and experience the benefits of yoga.


35-39 Dickson St


Ph: 02-9550 1127


Term Break Timetable◀︎

(Monday 14 to Sunday 27 April)

Please follow this link to the

term break timetable.

Saturday 3 to Sunday 4 May◀︎

the school will be closed whilst it hosts teacher training assessments.

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