The Newtown Yoga Room

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35-39 Dickson St Newtown NSW 2042

COVID-19 Safety Plan

Proprietors Jazz Eastman Connie Hepworth

Ph: 02-9550 1127 h;ps://


Physical distancing

- Everyone is to observe the 4 square metre rule:
- maximun 9 students in the yoga room.
- 3 people waiLng in the entry. Please move directly into the yoga room.

- Everyone should observe the physical distancing rule of 1.5 metres at all Lmes.

Personal & Venue Hygiene

- Anyone showing symptoms of the flu or feeling unwell must not a;end the premises.

- Everyone on premises to pracLse personal hygiene by washing hands and saniLsing regularly.

- Hand saniLser and 80% alcohol saniLser spray is provided.

- Everyone should cover their coughs and sneezes and dispose of any used Lssues in the bins immediately and wash or saniLse their hands.

- Everyone should avoid touching their faces.

- Any yoga props used including mats, must be cleaned with the saniLser provided. Any soU equipment used will be set aside for 48 hours.

- There are NO glasses or filtered water provided. Please bring your own.
- The premises will be cleaned and disinfected frequently.
Appropriate signage is placed at all entrances and exits to the premises as per below:

- maintaining social distancing
- personal Hygiene is encouraged
- frequent use of hand sanitaLon on entry and exit as well as during.

Response planning

- At the yoga room we maintain records of all students parLcipaLng.

- If a confirmed case of COVID-19 has been idenLfied, the premises will be immediately closed for cleaning and disinfecLng. All students possibly impacted will be informed.

- We will immediately noLfy SafeWork NSW on 131 050.
This informaLon is also posted on our website and Facebook page.

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