class descriptions

Gentle Beginners

Open to all. Very suitable for pre and post-natal, the stiffer body and those with injuries and ailments for whom the usual Beginners Course would not be appropriate.

Beginners Courses

We run 9 week Introductory courses for complete beginners and those with some experience. They offer exceptional value and expert teaching.

Beginners Transition to Level 1 Course

For those who have completed one or two of our beginners courses and who would like to step up the ante a little but don't feel quite ready to take the next step to level 1, we offer you an alternative:


Running concurrently with our 9 week beginners courses, the Transition Course allows you to choose up to 2 Beginners Classes per week and up to 6 Level One classes per week, a painless way to ease yourself into the next phase of your practice.

Level 1

These classes are suitable for those students having completed a Beginners Course and those with more experience. Students are also introduced to the basics of pranayama (yogic breathing practices).


For students who have a solid grasp of the Level 1 syllabus and are ready to progress in their practice. At this level shoulder stand is regularly practised and headstand is introduced. This level is not suitable for beginners.


For more advanced students who have a solid grounding in Iyengar Yoga and who have a regular and consistent practice.

Pregnancy & Post Natal

The Newtown Yoga Room is very experienced in teaching pre-natal students.

Pregnant students are welcome in our classes at the appropriate level of your experience. Please phone beforehand to discuss.

Individual Needs

Sometimes a difficulty, an injury or chronic condition requires specific attention and individual ways of working which cannot be addressed in a general class. This is a small specialised class where students work closely with a teacher who will asses your needs and taylor a specific program for each student to follow. Bookings are essential and places are limited.

Private Classes

Available upon request. Contact the school for details.


There will be several early morning intensives throughout the year. These will be advertised at the school, or go to the Retreats and Workshops page for further information. Bookings essential.

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