Tuesday Morning Mindfulness meditation

Currently on-line only
Tuesday mornings 6.30 - 7.45 am

This class is for Mindfulness Meditation practitioners and is not a course in mindfulness meditation. It offers a much more in-depth exploration of the practice than the 20 minute practice groups offered freely by us on-line.

General Session format:
-25 minute sitting meditation (whether sitting on support on the floor or on a chair)

-10 minute walking meditation

-20 minute sitting meditation
-An opportunity to ask practice related questions and short discussion

Coming together in a group meditating is an important way to keep your practice alive and progressing with the support of like-minded practitioners.

There are 2 online pass options:
-  Singe class pass $15
- 10 class pass $120

If you are a beginner looking for instruction, please contact Jazz at admin@newtownyogaroom.com.au for recommendations.

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